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The Acupuncture Health Center in Willowbrook has treated hundreds of satisfied clients who have experienced relief and healing from acupuncture and related therapies. Since no voice speaks louder than the voice of personal experience, we invite you to read testimonials from patients of the Acupuncture Health Center about their experiences with us. These testimonials speak volumes about the kind of service you can expect from the Acupuncture Health Center, and the level of symptom relief that can be achieved through acupuncture and Chinese medicine.


  • I met Michael Moy, when he walked into the Cabinet Store I work in, he noticed that I was rubbing my back on a cabinet to get some relief from my pain, Michael took my hand and applied pressure between the ring finger and pinky,  I immediately noticed that the back pain had subsided.  I asked him what he did for a living, he said he was an Acupuncturist, I promptly made an appointment and have been coming for acupuncture ever since.  I also had severe neck pain, I could not drink from a cup or glass normally, I always had to use a straw, when I coughed I had a shooting pain down my leg, sciatica, all that has been corrected with acupuncture.  Several family members and friends have noticed the change in me, in the way I get up from a sitting position and the way I move around.  I highly recommend Michael to everyone that is suffering. Bob R
    Bob R, Cabinet Salesman
  • I was referred to Michael Moy by my friends Sharon and Joe for acupuncture treatment.  They found it to be very effective and pain free.  I was suffering from very painful back and knee problems that derived from doing Tae Bo exercises incorrectly and at a very fast speed.  I ignored the problem for 10 years thinking it will resolve itself, but my muscles continued to be knotted and twisted, and I was only able to walk a few steps because of the pain.  As time went on, I visited a Chiropractor and got treatment for four years, but the pain did not stop and I was still not able to walk normally. When I started treatment with Mike, I came every other day for acupuncture and felt the difference, then my visits became twice a week, for the following weeks.  As I got better the visits became less and less, now I see Michael for maintenance once a month, I am completely pain free, it is important to me to come for maintenance because I want to remain pain free.  I am very happy to get back to a normal life and normal walking. I highly recommend Michael Moy for acupuncture, he gave me the freedom from pain and expensive pain killers.  Thanks Mike.
  • Dr. Moy is incredibly gifted and I have referred many friends and family members to him. When facing a potential c-section with my third pregnancy, my husband made an appointment for me with Mike.  There was no medical reason for a c-section and I was adamant that I would attempt VBAC. Dr. Moy  was able to successfully initiate labor, allowing me to avoid an unnecessary c-section.  At that time, Dr. Moy insisted that my back needed some attention. I have had chronic lower back pain  and neck pain for years. Within a few weeks of treatments, my pain was gone. Because of the results  I have seen, Dr. Moy is now my first phone call when aches and pains, sniffles or coughs start. Prior to  treatments at Moy Acupuncture, I suffered as many as 3-4 sinus infections per year. With Mike’s help, I  have not had a sinus infection in almost two years. I have referred my sister and her son, my mother, and several friends to Dr. Moy because of the truly amazing results I have had. I have heard only good things from everyone who has seen Mike. If western medicine is failing you, if you are looking for an alternative, please consider Dr. Moy. He is a truly gifted healer.
    Megan Mockaitis, Office Professional Special Education Records
  • I’ve been coming to Mike for several years.  He is awesome.  He was able to treat my knee injury in a surprisingly short time.  I came to him with a sprained ankle and after just a few treatments I could walk without crutches.  That impressed me big time.  If you are looking for a great acupuncturist, come see Michael. Petra
  • My experience at Dr. Moy’s office in Willowbrook has helped tremendously.  I am a 13 year old student and I injured my hip playing tackle football, I couldn’t lift or twist my leg.  The first time I visited the office, I was on crutches and unable to walk.  After only one treatment I was able to walk and lunge my legs.  I felt it was the only way to get better.  After I was done with treatments, I felt I was ready to go play football, a full week before my other doctor said I would be.  I feel that Dr. Moy is the real deal. Nathan B.,  Student
    Nathan B, Student
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Moy's for 15 years. During this time, he has successfully treated many issues I have had including muscle strains, a injured tendons, and other deep tissue related pains without any residual effects. He is very professional as he listens to everything I say, accurately diagnoses the problem, effectively treats the problem, and makes smart, healthy suggestions to prevent re-occurrences as well of said matters. I highly recommend Dr. Moy if you are open to doing something that is different and works!
    Mark Michniak
  • Tennis Elbow- I struggled with a bad case of tennis elbow which did not respond to any conventional therapy.  After four sessions with Dr. Michael Moy, the pain is gone and I can play tennis and paddle with no elbow issues.  I would highly recommend Dr. Moy to anyone who has struggled with painful tennis elbow!

    Jet Lag- My job requires frequent international travel to Asia and Europe.  After a recent trip to Asia, Dr. Moy's acupuncture treatment worked wonders for my jet lag.

    Gary Doten
  • I would highly recommend Dr. Moy for any pain management as well as stopping smoking as he has worked for me.  I had smoked for 30yrs and he has curbed my need for nicotine and I have done it without gaining weight or irritability. I had a pinched nerve that Mike Moy addressed and relieved me of great pain. I have issues with discs in my back which back doctors told me they did as much as they could for me without surgery.  Mike Moy relieved this excruciating pain and made traveling, golf and day to day activities achievable again.  I continue to see Mike when things flare up and probably should see him more for maintenance as every trip to Acupuncture Health Center has me leaving like a new man.
    Patrick Beatty, VP Sales & Marketing
  • I have been a patient of Michaels for about 5 months, I have 2 knee replacements, and had a dorsal column stimulator implanted in my spine in June 2013. Despite these procedures I suffered from such acute pain in my left knee that I was unable to walk more than a few steps.  Two orthopedic specialists x-rayed and examined my knee and found no cause for the pain.  I was told that the implant was not the cause of the pain.  A cortisone injection helped briefly, the implant helped my knee not at all.  My son recommended me to Mr. Moy.  After several weeks of treatment, the pain in my knee diminished and then went away. I continue to receive treatment for sciatic nerve damage on my right side.  Though the pain has not completely disappeared, I continue to get significant relief from acupuncture. Mr. Moy is also treating my lower back.  I know there is major damage to the lumbar spinal region, the treatments help.
    Mary M Cunningham
  • I went to Hong Kong to my son’s, Philip Ng, movie premier, Once Upon A Time in Shanghai, during my visit I went hiking and sprained my ankle.  I saw a few specialists in Hong Kong, got some relief.  When I returned to America, I had lost strength in my ankle and was unable to walk. Because I am a Martial Arts Instructor (SIFU), I need to participate in the Chinese New Year Parade, a student of mine drove me to Michael Moy for Acupuncture.  After Michael inserted 3 needles in my arm, I had regained ½ the strength back in my ankle and was able to walk without pain.  My students were amazed at the change from 1 day to the next, they had already brought in crutches for me to use in the Parade, I was able to walk the whole Parade (6 hours) without pain and without aid.  It’s a miracle come true to me, I am continuing to receive treatment for my old Martial Arts injuries; also, receiving maintenance for overall good health. Sam Ng Ng Family Chinese Martial Arts Association Martial Arts Instuctor
    Sam Ng, Martial Arts Instructor
  • One day I went into a car dealership, I mentioned to the salesman that I was experiencing a stiff neck and pain radiating down to my shoulder blade, and could not stand or watch a TV program for more than 10 minutes without pain,  he promptly gave me Michael’s business card.  I called and came in for a treatment, Michael stuck 2 needles in my neck, and the next morning I came in for a follow-up treatment, and told Michael that I was finally able to watch a whole movie without any pain.  I strongly recommend Michael for acupuncture. John L Oak Brook, IL
    John L
  • Dr. Michael Moy is an outstanding holistic practitioner. He is the one doctor at the Acupuncture Health Center of Willowbrook. Michael Moy is certified in acupuncture through the State of Illinois and a board member of the Asian American Acupuncture Association. His specializes in the treatment of chronic debilitating conditions and acute pain. Michael has been in practice in the United States for over 20 years and treated patients of varying ages and health conditions, from children to athletes as well as with the elderly. He is able to manage his time and set appointment to accommodate his patients during the week and weekend. Dr. Moy was able to treat several of my physical health problems. He focused on my individual needs and explained how the acupuncture, cupping, and Chinese supplements would progress my healing.  After being diagnosed with Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, he was able to reduce my symptoms of stress-induced cardiomyopathy. He was able to bring my blood pressure and cholesterol back to the normal range with acupuncture and supplements. I feel that he was able to treat the physical, mental, and spiritual being to help me achieve a healthy balance for my lifestyle. In the past, Dr. Moy had gone out of his way to accommodate my back injury and sciatica. He made a house call for me when I threw my back out and could not get out of bed and down the stairs into my car to drive to his office. He personalized his service with acupuncture, cupping, and supplements. My health clearly improved after three sessions as my pain was gone and I was able to go back to my work out routine. Acupuncture has been able to restore the flow of energy in order to promote self-healing. It has proven to result in faster recovery from injuries, decreased symptoms of stress and improved circulation. I believe that acupuncture and supplements continue to strengthen my immune system and restore my body to a better balance. The other service that is offered at the Acupuncture Health Center for energy and healing is massage therapy. My husband had acupuncture, cupping, and massage therapy for his repetitive motion injury of his arm and elbow. After a few sessions he was back to work and playing golf. Whether he was golfing outdoors or indoor practice, he was impressed with Dr. Michael Moy as he was able to swing a golf club in just a few sessions. Dr. Moy’s office is clean, decorated nicely, and runs on schedule. He provides a comfortable environment with soft music and a heat lamp to keep you warm during a session of acupuncture. His private practice provides a sympathetic understanding of each patient’s needs that concentrates on holistic healing and wellness. His ancient Chinese techniques along with the herbal remedies and natural supplements are essential to my health maintenance. I would highly recommend Dr. Michael Moy’s Acupuncture Health Center of Willowbrook.
    Kathy Lincoln, Naperville, School Teacher
  • I would like to thank Dr. Michael Moy for everything he has done for me. I am from the Czech Republic, while visiting my son and daughter-in-law, my son’s friend Petre recommended for acupuncture for my lower back pain.  The doctor, actually 6 of the back specialist from the Czech Republic recommended me for back surgery because of herniated and bulging discs. At first I never thought acupuncture can help with my condition.  I know about acupuncture in my country where people mostly use it to quit smoking and lose weight, but never use it to treat lower back and sciatica. When I first met with Dr. Moy, he told me that this condition can be fixed without surgery, I was very skeptical about this.  After 4 sessions of acupuncture all my pain disappeared.  I felt like I never had a problem.  I’m 62 years old and feeling like 20. When I returned to the Czech Republic, I went back to my doctor, they told me that I’m lying, and should have my surgery anyway.  Dr. Moy is better than all my doctors put together. Thank you Dr. Moy. Anna Czech Republic
    Anna, Czech Republic
  • I had been suffering from seasonal allergies for years, and had tried every method of relief for chronic sinusitis. My last bout resulted in steroid treatments and cat scan. The drug regimen that followed was minimally effective, and unpleasant. I had seen Michael about 10 yrs. previous for a shoulder injury that lingered for months with Dr. care, and was very pleased with the level of relief I experienced. Last fall, I approached Michael about my sinus condition and he began treatments. I was amazed at the relief of symptoms almost immediately. I felt this was too good to be true & waited to see if the results were short or long term. Well, it has been over a year now since treatments, and I have not had 1 day of sinus complications since. I would not believe someone if they told me this, but I am proof of the results. I never went anywhere without my nasal spray and drugs before Michael's treatment, and am now happy to be drug free! I kept waiting for the relief to end, but to no avail. This has profoundly enriched my everyday life, and I would highly recommend seeking acupuncture treatments. Michael, you are the embodiment of the term,    "A Breath Of Fresh Air" Thankfully,  Rick
    Richard O – Seasonal Allergies, Steelworker
  • Carpenter by trade, saw Michael for severe shoulder pain, could not even lift a hammer, after 6 treatments my shoulder was pain free and has continued to be pain free after 8 years.  I was referred to Michael by a neighbor and am paying this forward by referring others.  Bruce K.
    Bruce K, Carpenter
  • I suffered migraines for years, since having acupuncture treatments, I have not had one migraine.  I highly recommend Michael Moy.
  • I was recommended by a friend for: Back problems – After 4 treatments the back issues are 95% better Insomnia – After years of not being able to sleep, after  treatments I am sleeping through the night I highly recommend Michael Moy for acupuncture. Kathy Craig Special Education Teacher
    Kathy Craig, Special Education Teacher
  • I was recommended by a friend for: Neck pain/pinched nerve; very painful similar to toothache pain, after 6 sessions, I had total relief. Sciatic nerve pain; could hardly walk, after treatments I  have relief Knee cartilage; much pain and very tender - relief Sinus – relief Ankle sprain – just started my treatments Would not be able to work without treatments.
    Terry Travis, PGA Tour Caddy
  • "I've been a patient of Mike's since moving to Illinois in 2009. I needed to find a highly qualified acupuncturist to treat an ongoing knee, tendon, and ligament stress injury I incurred after several years of heavy lifting, working, etc. I checked several websites and used one comparing most of the practitioners in and around the Woodridge area where I originally lived. Out of about 50 or more, I chose Mike as he had the best educational qualifications, the most experience, and I liked the methods he described as part of his treatment. Needless to say, 4 years later and now living 25+ miles away, I still see Mike and would not consider switching to anyone else. He is indeed a highly skilled professional extremely well versed in acupuncture and other holistic methods of pain relief, as well as being an extremely likeable and down to earth person. If you are in need of acupuncture or are thinking of trying it, do it! Yes, it does work!!!! And Mike is the acupuncturist that should be your choice! - Barbara Templeton Hoffman Estates
    Barbara Templeton
  • Thank you Michael for giving me so much help with your expert acupuncture treatments. I came to you over two years ago for treatment of a pinched nerve.  I had tried many remedies before coming to you and nothing helped relieve my discomfort.  Honestly, you were my last resort, I had never had acupuncture before.  After just one treatment I had relief from my pain.  You have also treated me for sciatica nerve pain in my left hip and back.  I feel so much better coming to you on a regular monthly basis.  I am 77 year old and have many aches and pains, but with your treatments I am able to be active in my daily life. Thank you for providing such a relaxing atmosphere for your sessions.  I truly love your Chinese music.  It is so peaceful.  I recommend Michael Moy Acupuncture to one and all, his approach to wellness is refreshing
    Sandra Waunn
  • After a trip to the ER and visiting numerous specialists who couldn't figure out what was wrong with me I knew I had to try something different. My faith in doctors and Western medicine was dwindling especially since all they wanted to do was give me drugs. My symptoms were very similar to Multiple Sclerosis. I had dizziness, clumsiness or lack of coordination, lower back pain, loss of balance, numbness, tingling and weakness in my arms and legs. I came across Michael because he was a friend of the family and they had success with him. I thought this is something I need to pursue and I am glad I did. Michael and his acupuncture really helped me to recover. After a couple of weeks I really noticed a difference. Now I have none of these problems. Acupuncture really does work. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone. He really cares, listens and has a humorous side to him which I think is great.
    Sean - Loss of Balance, Numbness, Tingling
  • My father has been seeing Dr. Moy for a variety of different things for over 10 years now and has always been satisfied.  As a Chiropractor and Physical Therapist, my Dad, has always had success in referring his clients to Michael if they need more help. I have been receiving treatments and studying Tai Chi with Michael for about 5 years and have found it to be a great help.  As a runner, I get a lot of wear and tear on my muscles and joints and have found that whenever I have an injury, acupuncture helps me start to recover immediately.  He has also helped me with several illnesses, such as ear infections and the flu, I have always seen results right away and am able to resume my normal activity faster then I normally would.  Michael is a skilled acupuncturist and has always been more than generous with his time.
    Brian Daley, Student Cross Country Runner
  • After picking up my son from daycare and attempting to rush to a doctor's appointment I missed the last three steps and injured my ankle. I elevated and iced it but the swelling would not go away. I knew it was time to pay Michael Moy a visit. I had already been on crutches for nearly 2 weeks and after a treatment with Michael Moy, I was walking without any issues and the swelling is gone. I am now able to return to my hectic schedule as a professional and mother of two active boys. As always Michael Moy - THANK YOU!
    Tanya Cabrera, Associate Director, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • I was having trouble with my back. I had chemo therapy and I could not lay on my back, my kidneys were very sore.  I went to Michael and I can sleep pain free on my back.  He is the best!  I recommend him to everyone I know.
    Tim B – Backpain, Sales
  • I had a "frozen" shoulder and couldn't raise my arm above shoulder height. I spent 8 weeks and $2000 going to physical therapy with minimal improvement. When my next 8 weeks of therapy couldn't get scheduled immediately, I decided to try acupuncture and Mike due to a friend's recommendation. Three acupuncture appointments later I called up my physical therapist and cancelled the remainder of those appointments and told my therapist I was 100% with full range of motion for my shoulder. She was stunned.  I've been going to Mike ever since and received great relief for back pain, neck pain, and tennis elbow.
    Steve P - Shoulder Pain
  • I went to Michael when I had extreme pain in my foot and the doctors believed it was a benign tumor. The physicians I went to wanted to put my whole leg in a cast and later do an MRI because it was becoming larger. I decided against the MRI and the cast and went straight to Michael. Michael did only one acupuncture session and the mass of the "alleged" benign tumor was gone as well as the pain.  Michael informed me it was a ripped tendon. Since then I have not had any problems. I am able to exercise, attend classes, and work without any discomfort.  
    Oliwia, Patient Care Associate
  • I went to Michael with severe back pain and carpal tunnel in my hands. Before the visit I slept with braces every night due to the stiffness and pain in my hands. I attended two sessions of acupuncture with Michael and no longer have pain in my back or wear the braces to bed.
    Josh, Iron Worker
  • I started going to Michael Moy after my husband had so much relief from pain. I had a meniscus tear on my knee that was operated on.  I have been receiving cortisone shots and gels to relieve the pain also had physical therapy.    The  surgeon told me I need a knee replacement, so I decided to give acupuncture  a try.  To my amazement I have not needed any shots and I am without pain.  Mike has really worked miracles and I do not need to go in for surgery.  Going to his office is so relaxing, the office is beautiful and the music he plays is equally relaxing.  He also helps my stress which is a factor in heart disease. Thank you Mike for your help and I encourage anyone with health problems to give him a try.
    Sharon Berent
  • I am writing a testimonial for Michael Moy which I have been going to him for the last 3 months.  When I first started, I was in tremendous pain with my feet and legs.  You see I have posterior tibia tendon dysfunction stage 3 in both feet.  In layman’s terms it is deformed flat feet that are not straight.  Mike has done wonders for me and I am actually able to function.  He took away the pain and I was able to walk pain free. Without Mike’s help I would be laid up and unable to function.  I also have breathing problems, I have 4 stents in my arteries with shallow breathing which he was also able to fix.  I highly recommend Michael Moy for any problems you may have, he can totally make you well again.
    Joe Berent
  • Mike Moy is the best. He truly has a gift for Chinese medicine and has been a source of healing for me for over 7 years. I call him when my back hurts, or when I have a really bad cold. He does great work and I would recommend him to anyone who has chronic anything. If your doctor can't figure it out, give Mike a try- I don't think you will be disappointed. Oh yeah, and he was trained in China but speaks really good English, so don't be afraid! :) Pros: Cares about getting you well! Cons: If you don't like needles, you don't like needles.
    Lisa Barounis
  • I was diagnosed with acute torticollis(neck spasms) after an emergency room visit.  I followed traditional therapy which consisted of muscle relaxants, pain killers(narcotics), physical therapy and massage therapy.  I also made ergonomic changes to my work environment since I am a Systems Administrator.  After a year, I was still in discomfort and headaches had become a daily part of my life.  I decided to make a change and try acupuncture. I must admit that I was a skeptic.  After one treatment with Michael, I experienced relief!  I would say 80% of my discomfort
    was gone.  After approximately a month, I have days that are totally pain free.  I am convinced that acupunture was the soultion for me.  I will continue to receive treatmenns from Michael for maintenance purposes.
    Thank you, Michael.
    Sonia Taylor, System Administrator
  • I have had two memorable injuries that are worth mentioning here.   I chose Michael Moy to treat both of them. One was a back injury that I incurred from working with cement in the wrong manner.  I had painful days and better days, but it did not get better.  After six months, Michael Moy treated it two times on consecutive days.  I have not had any of the pain since then, and do not think about it anymore. The second was a foot tendon injury.  Thankfully, I received emergency care from Michael.  Michael treated me with acupuncture, herbal treatment, tui na and cupping.  The foot continued to show new red bruising across the bottom of the foot for ten days.  When the bruising stopped worsening and was only black, Michael recommended an herbal soak.  After three more days, the entire black bruise was gone.  No bruising could be seen.  No more bruising appeared.  Michael treated me three times each week, for a month, I started walking carefully with a cane and stopped using a walker as an ambulatory device.  I continued to return for treatment twice each week for two more weeks, and only once each week after that.  I could walk normally after four months.  My choice was to receive acupuncture from Michael Moy.  I did not elect surgery.  I have no scars with which to commemorate the injury.  I do not believe that surgery could have given me results this good for this injury. I feel fortunate to have the great tradition of acupuncture available to me, without traveling to a distant country.  Michael Moy has extensive knowledge of the disciplines of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  He listens carefully to my concerns, and I am grateful for his help.
    Mark Wence
  • In October 2011, I adopted a 4 year old retired racing Greyhound, due to his background he had severe arthritis.  After getting 3 opinions from various Vets, I decided to give acupuncture a try.  After only 4 treatments he is running again, and has not had anymore problems.  After seeing how acupuncture has helped my dog, I told myself I would also give this a try. Well, 1 month ago, my Greyhound got ahead of me going out the garage, the overhead door was open, I ran out to get him, missed the 2 steps down and jarred my right knee, which I had arthroscopic surgery on for removal of torn cartilage.  The knee immediately swelled up, this happen on a Saturday morning.  The pain was intense and I was limping.  I thought I just pulled something and gave it a day.  Sunday morning I was searching on the internet for an Acupuncturist and came across Michael Moy.  His hours, closeness, availability, background, and knowledge; is what brought me to him.  He told me there is no miracle and if I follow his treatment plan, the quicker I will heal.  I found that hard to believe being that I was in severe pain.  After the 1st treatment, I was walking better with less limping.  I know I did not want to have a knee replacement and go through another surgery.  I have had a bad right knee since early childhood.  After my 5th treatment, I am walking quicker stride better than before, I was told by many people that a torn meniscus needs surgery, but I refused.  Being that I contacted Michael the day after my injury helped him minimize the amount of treatments to a full recovery.  I am so happy with my results that I definitely will come see him for maintenance and for other health issues.  Michael listens at the start of each apt, to get feedback and proceeds with treatment according to how I feel.  He never rushes through appt.  I get personal attention and recommend him to everyone.
    Jan Osborn, Knee Pain, Greyhound Lover
  • I am a Tennis Player; I had acupuncture before when I lived in Florida.  The procedure was done with over 20 needles.  I found out after going to Michael Moy that less needles is more effective.  He used only two needles and the results were so much better.  I would recommend Michael Moy to anybody.  He is great. Danielle Burich 
    Danielle Burich – Fewer Needles are Better, Student – Hinsdale, IL
  • I had heard about acupuncture, but I didn’t think it would help me.   Then I met Michael Moy.  I had constant pain in my elbow and shoulder after I broke three bones in my elbow last year.  The surgery was successful, but the pain never completely went away.  I had done physical therapy and I was not getting better.  After 4 treatments here, it was a miracle.  My pain was gone and even arthritis that had developed in my hands went away, an added benefit!  He can fix anything!  I highly recommend him.  He also is funny and has a delightful personality.  Thank you, Dr. Moy for making me better.  
    Lisa Stafford – Shoulder and Elbow Pain, Hinsdale, IL
  • I suffered from vertigo and dizziness. It was bad enough that I ended up in the emergency room. The hospital, an ENT, and my GP were able to lessen the symptoms but my vertigo still impacted everyday activities. After 7 months of the vertigo limiting exercise, playing with my kids, and my sleep I decided to try acupuncture. After one treatment by Michael my vertigo was greatly reduced. After a few more sessions the dizziness is completely gone. It is truly amazing! I highly recommend Acupuncture Health Center and Michael's treatments to everyone I know.
    Althea G.- Vertigo
  • I have been in constant pain for 12 years. Lower back, leg, and hip pain. I was under the care of a pain management doctor for nine years taking pain medication for eight years. I had injections. I had surgery. I was on 11 pills a day. When I met Mike he got rid of the shoulder pain from old football injury, carpal tunnel, wrist pain and neck pain in a week. The main thing is to get rid of lower back pain, tail bone and sciatic pain. It took about a month. I got pain free. I stopped taking pain pills after 1 day. The sciatica took nearly 21 days to treat, but last almost a year. I don't take pills anymore. I'm back to work without pain.
    John K – Lower Back Pain, Hip Pain, Leg Pain
  • I have had several surgeries and have come to the Michael to help with my knees, back, and neck pain. Every time I visit him I walk out feeling much better. I come in from downtown Chicago and it's definitely worth the trip. I have referred many patients to Michael with difficult problems, and all have had the same great responses on feeling better.
    Martin Cabrera – Knee, Back and Neck Pain, CEO, Cabrera Capital Markets
  • I had gout during Thanksgiving. I went to Mike for acupuncture, it only took one session. Because of acupuncture and I am able to perform in a marching band in school. Most people find it impossible.
    John K jr. – Gout, Student
  • I've seen Mike Moy many times over the years and Mike has always been able to help me. I had bronchitis laryngitis and a cough that we're not getting better with conventional treatment. Mike got to the root cause of the problem. I got better very quickly and healed very nicely. Mike is able to very quickly assess what needs to be done to complete treatments quickly and efficiently.
    Sharon B – Bronchitis and Laryngitis, LCSW
  • In 1999, I was diagnosed with having carpal tunnel for over 3 miserable years. No matter what I did, I could not get any relief getting rubs, massages, reiki-- you name it. My doctor recommended surgery, and I just didn't want to get my wrists cut open and have my bones scraped. In a final effort to avoid surgery, I luckily came across Mike Moy. He assured me he could FIX my carpal tunnel. He DID and for good. It took a few months, but that was over seven years ago. I haven't changed my profession, my ergonimics, or the amount of time I spend on the computer, and it hasn't returned. I always highly recommend Mike to all my friends and clients.
    Andrew D. – Carpal Tunnel, Senior Industrial Designer, Motorola, Inc.
  • I’ve been a patient of Michael Moy for three years now. I threw out my lower back at work and wasn’t able to stand up or sit down without throbbing lower back pain. One of my swimmer’s Dad recommended Michael and after three easy sessions I was back running around with my team without any pain. Besides my back, Michael has helped clear up my sinuses, cleared me of sicknesses like strep throat and the flu, and fixed a pain I had in my knee from a ten year old injury. I highly recommend Michael Moy to anyone.
    Adam Cremieux – Lower Back Pain
  • Michael Moy has done a fabulous job resolving my chronic migraine headaches. His responsive approach and expertise is very much appreciated. I would highly recommend his services.
    Jan Lofgran - Chronic Migraine Headache
  • I have a condition due to a bulging disk which pinches my sciatic nerve pain. It is very painful. When I came to Mike I was in physical therapy, which had not affected the sciatic pain. Since beginning treatment there has been a significant improvement in my condition. I am now almost completely pain-free. I attribute that improvement in my condition directly to Mike Moy's treatment. I know that I will be able to play golf this summer.
    Earl E. Strayhorn, – Sciatic Pain, Retired Judge, Golfer
  • I originally came to Mike for a severe back pain problem. I was bent over and could barely walk. Mike fixed my problem in 30 days. He did so well with my back that I asked him to work on 2 30-year-old injuries: sharp pain from a badly broken right elbow and continuous pain from a compound leg fracture. For the first time in 30 years, both injuries are so pain-free and I participate in tennis drills and play tennis without pain. Mike was recommended to me by a young friend who has been a patient of Mike's for several years and who had pain from karate competition injuries. I am 57 years old and honestly feel 27.
    Terry Bedgood, Back Pain
  • My husband went to acupuncture for his shoulder pain. He was so happy with the results that insisted on me going to Michael too for my back and knees pain, associated with the pregnancy and taking care of the newborn. While having the treatment we talked with Michael about my difficulties to get pregnant for the 1st time, because of my hormonal disbalance. Since we wanted to have the 2nd child, Michael suggested the course of acupuncture treatment my husband and I should do. Since we were fixing our problems, anyway so to say, we agreed and continue the visits. WOW, in no time I was pregnant with our 2nd child. After about 10 visits, 1st one starting for the back pain, we were on the way to be a parents for another miracle. I would defiantly recommend it to the couples that have any fertility problems.
    Tatyana P. - Fertility
  • I came to Michael for chronic pain in my neck and shoulder. And two visits, my pain was gone. It has been at least six months with no neck pain.
    Shelley Gilbert - Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • I had been suffering with thumb and knee pain for sometime. When I spoke to a doctor, I was told to get used to it as it was a sign of aging. I decided to try acupuncture and went to Mike Moy. I am happy to say that I no longer have knee or thumb pain! I feel so much better now thanks to the treatments! I am very satisfied!
    Alejandra Alvarez - Thumb and Knee Pain, Ed.D. Retired Principal
  • Michael Moy has treated me, as needed, since 1997. Based on the quality of his care, during this same period, I have not had to need to visit a “western” physician for anything, other than standard “sports physicals” as required by my position. Under Michael Moy’s care, I am now 52 years old, with a recent blood pressure reading of 115/76.  Further, I do not take any medications, of any kind.  In addition, I regularly engage in snowboarding, kayaking, bicycling, hiking, hunting, horseback riding, swimming, daily weight training, and martial arts. On the occasions when I do experience any sort of injury or illness, Michael Moy successfully treats the problem, usually with no more than one or two visits, and without the need for standard “medicine”, surgeries, etc., as would typically be employed by most physicians. In addition to my various “hobbies”, I am also a World Championship Boxing Referee, and featured in the upcoming book, “The Top 33 Referees in Boxing Today”.  In this capacity, I work with combat athletes competing at the very highest level of sports.  Further, I am a Black Belt, and Instructor, in Kosho Ryu Kempo.  Again, the athletes involved in this sport are of the very highest caliber.  I have routinely sent these athletes to Michael Moy, to address a myriad of injuries.  In all cases, he has treated them successfully, with minimal time away from their respective sports. In addition to sports injuries and ailments, Michael Moy has successfully treated me, as well as my children, for such routine maladies as sciatic nerve irritation, allergies, headaches, sinus issues, digestive issues, and stress.   We all enjoy a very healthy and active lifestyle, and under his care, both of my children participated in both high school and college sports, and also both won the Teenage World Bench Press Championships. I am quite confident that individuals who participate in golf, tennis, aerobics, racquetball, gymnastics, wrestling, etc. will find that periodic treatment by Michael Moy will be of considerable value in the prevention of injuries, as well as the treatment of any ongoing irritation, inflammation, etc., generally associated with recreational and competitive sports. I give my very highest recommendation to Michael Moy, for any person who is seeking a healthy, and cost effective alternative to the standard “western medicine” treatments, and who is desirous of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle for themselves, as well as their families, without relying on the use of daily medications, and ongoing doctor’s visits. Chief of Officials – Chicago Golden Gloves Boxing Assistant Chief of Officials – United States Amateur Boxing World Championship Professional Boxing Referee Black Belt and Instructor – Kosho Ryu Kempo Former A.A.U. Illinois Powerlifting Chairman Former Trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine
    John O’Brien – Sciatic Nerve Treatment, Chief of Officials – Chicago Golden Gloves Boxing
  • First time going to see an acupuncturist. I was referred to Michael Moy by really close friends who have been seen him for years. I was treated with acupuncture for TMJ Pain which was giving me jaw, ear and neck pain. After my first session I was pain free. Within for more visits, the TMJ was resolved  (according to my dentist). I would highly recommend!
    Joyce M. – TMJ Pain
  • I William White would like to say since I have been treated for my knee pain, I can walk better. Before acupuncture, I would limp on my leg. Since I have been treated with acupuncture, I no longer limp. I also used acupuncture for my back pain, neck pain, and my carpal tunnel. Before treatment I could not even shave my head. Now, I can move my arm and hand freely. My back no longer hurts. The doctors I saw before acupuncture provided me no relief, but plenty of pills. I am a retired truck driver and I recommend acupuncture for any sickness.
    William White – Carpal Tunnel, Truck Driver
  • I have been a nurse for 19 years and lead a very active lifestyle. I saw Michael initially for shoulder pain that was keeping me from working out. After one acupuncture treatment, I am completely pain-free and able to work out again. I also suffer migraine headaches. Tired of taking prescription medications with horrible side effects, I called Michael. With a few treatments including acupuncture, massage and herbal teas - I have relief! I am recommending Michael to anyone with any chronic illness.
    Jennifer D. R.N. – Shoulder Pain and Migraine, Nurse
  • It took Michael Moy 8 days to fix a severe lower back injury. The same injury took 6 weeks of therapy and drugs to fix 3 years ago. I highly recommend this treatment without any reservation.
    Bill Coleman – Back Injury, Iron Worker
  • I've been going to Mike for over 15 years for various chronic or injury situations. Mike has always quickly diagnosed, treated, and healed the issues I've had, be they knee pain, shoulder pain, rib, neck or back pain. I've always walked out of Mike's office feeling far better than when I've entered. Every patient I've referred to Mike has had the same experience.
    Mike Hyman – Neck and Knee Pain, Triathlete
  • I am so glad I met Michael Moy. My sciatica pain in my lower back, left leg and buttocks started in the beginning of May. After months of seeing various doctors, having many tests, x-rays and pain injections, the pain continued without relief. I was on morphine medication which did little to help my pain. Six months of treatments and still in pain, I had back surgery. After recuperation, I found I was still in the same amount of pain. I wished I had learned of Michael Moy’s acupuncture treatments 9 months earlier. I have had treatments from him for the past 3 weeks and no longer take the morphine and other medications I had relied on. I finally have sciatica pain relief and I have Michael Moy to thank for this.
    Robert Dedic – Sciatica Pain, Property Manager
  • I’ve been a patient of Dr. Moy for the last four months. He treated me for sciatica and TMJ. The pain associated with each of my conditions was systematically relieved with his acupuncture. I’ve recommended his services to several of my own patients, friends and family.
    Dr. Ronald S. Weingarten – TMJ and Sciatica Pain , O.D.
  • I have had acupuncture and cupping for years but never like the treatment I have received from Michael Moy! I highly recommend his treatment, herbal remedies, therapy and products. You only need to spend one session with Michael to realize his expertise and abilities to prevent and heal. His state of the art facility along with his array of services, including Tai Chi, really offer the best from this Master! My highest recommendations for BALANCE and HAPPINESS!
    Suzanne G. – Balance and Happiness, Owner, RightFit Sports Fitness Wellness
  • I’ve been getting treatments from Michael since 1998. I’m a retired pipefitter with a worn out body. I’ve only gotten treatments when I am in pain. Now I’ve realized that he doesn’t just heal my pain – he brings balance to my body and now I come just to stay balanced.
    Joanne Lincoln Carpenter – Return Balance